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Guided Moments


This page is dedicated to a

Guided Moment, a mini-meditation

for instant moments of clarity!



You can do this meditation anywhere you have just a moment of time!

To prepare yourself, find a chair or place to sit and just take a few deep breaths. Then read or listen to the MP3 file of the Guided Moments mini-meditation below.

Use the meditation as a visual throughout your week to refocus yourself into a calm space whenever you feel overwhelmed or chaotic during the week. Simply breathe deep, close your eyes and think of this calm space. It will be here whenever you need it.


Guided Moment

The Flower

You will click on the picture below to hear the MP3 Guided Moment Meditation!



Walking through a stream I see a flower floating soft and still. What color is this flower? What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Does it float fast or slow? Does it flow easily or get caught up in the rocks or creek bed?

Ask if the flower or the stream have any messages for you. Look. Listen. Feel. Be. Remember. All is well.

Watch the flower float down the stream. Send it love and see it go, gently and easily to where it needs to go. Let go and breathe deep and when you are ready, open your eyes and record your experience.


The Flower represents the dream that you are holding onto in life. What is it that you most desire in this moment? It is floating down the stream of life. What the flower looks like, where it goes, what it has to say are all representations of where your dream is at this moment.

If you need clarification on how to help your dream move smoother down the stream or what to do now, simply go back into the relaxed state by breathing deep and ask the flower what it needs from you.


Remember you may not see anything. Your messages could come in feelings, smells, thoughts or even hearing words spoken. You might simply know what it means. There are no right or wrong ways to do the meditations. Whatever way the messages come through is right for you. If all you feel is a bit more relaxed, that is enough for now. The more you do the meditations, the easier it becomes to tap into your own method of intuition.

Take it easy, go with the flow and enjoy! All is well.

Namaste' ~Jeannine





© copyright 2007-2010 by Jeannine Proulx. All rights reserved.