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When you have a headache what is the first thing you do? Human nature is to put our hands on our heads to make it feel better. That is Reiki.  Reiki is the natural energy that flows through, around and in us.


Reiki is made up of two words; Rei (ray) which means Universal and Ki (key) which means energy. In China, Ki is known as Chi. In India, Ki is known as Prana. It is the energy of life that runs through all things. Using Reiki is simply directing this energy for a specific purpose, usually relaxation and balancing through which healing flows.


Reiki, as Universal Life Force Energy, was discovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Ms. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to America after she herself experienced Reiki in Japan and was taught the way of Usui in the 1930's. Usui's lineage continues today in America and throughout the world.

Reiki has been shown to come in through a person's head and out through his or her hands and feet. The difference in a Reiki practitioner who has gone through the Reiki attunement is the amount of Reiki that is able to flow.


It is like a faucet. We are the faucet and Reiki is the water. When the faucet is open just a little bit, only a little amount of water flows. When open full blast, a great deal of Reiki flows


Reiki has three levels, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III. With each attunement the faucet is opened wider and wider. Reiki III is the Master Level. At this level practitioners may also choose to learn how to teach Reiki and share it with others.



The Principles of Reiki set down by Dr. Usui are as follows, with additions

by Jeannine Proulx.

Just for today I let go of anger.

Just for today I let go of fear.

Just for today I let go of worry.

Just for today.

Just for today.

Just for today.

I will be kind to myself and every living thing. 

Reiki Sessions with Jeannine

Life throws much physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dirt our way. Jeannine uses aura clearing and energy cord cutting at the start of your Reiki session  to free you from the repressive weight of daily stress. Jeannine's use of cord cutting a few years ago with a serious personal situation showed her the power of cutting your etheric cords. You can read this story in Doreen Virtue's book Angel Medicine, Hay House, 2005.

Your session will then proceed to a 45 minute session of Reiki relaxation, charka balancing and grounding.

Reiki sessions last about 55 minutes. $55 per session. $45 for the recommended three sessions.

Intuitive Messages also flow through Jeannine upon request during your Reiki session. Ask about price on Messages when you schedule your appointment!

To schedule your Reiki session today, please contact Jeannine at [email protected].

Reiki sessions are available at this time at The Body Center in Holland, MI or long distance over the phone.

Please call The Body Center at (616) 834-2596

Cost is the same for long distance Reiki sessions.


Jeannine Proulx is a Reiki Master Teacher. For information on Reiki classes taught by Jeannine please contact her at [email protected] or go to

the Events Calendar for classes in your area.


Reiki is free energy. Monies paid for Reiki cover the cost of the time, energy and

expertise of the Reiki practitioner and the connection to the client. 

Your Reiki session is not a medical procedure and should not in any way be used in place of traditional medicine. Always seek the care of a licensed medical profession for any and all physical or psychological issues. Reiki is designed to work in conjunction with, not in place of, traditional medicine. If you are under the care of a doctor or on medication make sure that your medical professional is aware that you are receiving Reiki treatments.

© copyright 2007-2010 by Jeannine Proulx. All rights reserved.