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The Ne-Ne News* is retiring!


The Ne-Ne News has reached the end of it's life cycle. After years of dedication to the inspiration that originally created The Ne-Ne News, it is time for it to take a long rest.


The Newsletter from Dharma Place, beautifully inspired messages, updates and announcements shall now be named simply The Dharma News.


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The Ne-Ne News

Live for today. Dream for tomorrow.

*The Ne-Ne News started as a print publication sent to a handful of Jeannine's friends and families. It contained inspirational essay, poems and photographs of the lake she loves so much. It quickly grew into over a hundred mailings! After several years of sending it out via snail mail, The Ne-Ne News retired in 2001 and was consolidated into a collection, published as The Ne-Ne News Book in  2002.  In 2005, the Ne-Ne (nee-nee) News started up again in its more publishable e-mail form.


Jeannine has continued to periodically send out her inspirational stories filled with hope and insight.


The Ne-Ne News has now taken a back seat to the Guided Meditations and urgent big writing projects Jeannine has on her plate.


Thank you for all your support and love over the years for The Ne-Ne News!


Here's to the new adventures to come!


The Dharma News is the products of Jeannine Nicole Proulx.

Please do not use any part of this material for use other than to share in a friendly manner with others.

All written material on this site at www.dharmaplace.com is the sole property of Jeannine Nicole Proulx and is copyrighted as such.


© copyright 2007-2010 by Jeannine Proulx. All rights reserved.