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About Dharma Place

About Dharma Place

Dharma Place is the creation of Jeannine Proulx, poet, author, singer/songwriter and intuitive. A few years ago Jeannine decided she needed a place where she could not only be her true self, but show others how to be true to themselves as well.


Her work with the sensitive children of today combined with her long time love of meditation is bridging the gap between what is "new age" and what is today's age.


At Dharma Place you, be a child, parent, teacher or open minded soul, are given the tools to learn who you are, what your purpose is in life and what you can do to fulfill that purpose and find inner peace.


For the world is a better place when you are in a better space!


About Jeannine



At a very young age Jeannine Proulx knew she was different. People told her things they told no one else. Her smile lit up a room, her frown darkened a sunny day. Most could not handle her intensity or sensitivity. She was labeled a freak, different. People were not sure how to handle her. She was not sure how to handle being so sensitive, so much in this life. She was simple labeled "different".


It was the words in her poems that brought her back to life and the words of others that taught her she was not alone. Nature gave her the unconditional love she needed and several important teachers taught her the secrets to using her sensitivity to help the world. She now devotes her life to helping the different kids know that they are special for special reasons and they are not alone.


Jeannine has been a teacher and student of practical spirituality for over ten years. As a poet her voice sings of the miracles of everyday life, as an intuitive she speaks of wonder and harmony. Her work with children, spanning twenty years, has given her the knick name “Child Whisperer”.


She walks the Reiki path as a Reiki Master Teacher. Her ever popular Guided Meditations, seen first on www.childrenofthenewearth.com teach practical tools that aid with the problems of being sensitive in an ever changing world.


She is currently working on bringing Meditation into the living rooms of the world through musical meditations that show children of a young age the basics of self-control, self-empowerment and self-esteem, all while having fun



To contact Jeannine send email to [email protected] or at [email protected].

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