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Recommended Reading

These are some of the books that have enlightened, enriched and illuminated my life. It is my hope that they may do the same for you.


Each book is linked to Amazon.com, and you can help support the Dharma Place website by purchasing through these links. But regardless of whether you choose to buy these books, get them from the library or borrow them from a friend, I highly recommend them all.


Several of my all-time favorite books:


Animal Speak

Ted Andrews


Infinite Self

Stuart Wilde


The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron


Personal Power Through Awareness

Sanaya Roman



Richard Bach


Highly recommended books by my favorite authors:


Doreen Virtue




Sonia Choquette



More excellent book picks:



Quantum Healing

Deepak Chopra

 Embracing the Mystic Within

Iwaniw Denise


 A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle


The War of Art

Steven Pressfield


 The E-Myth Revisited

Michael E. Gerber




 Romancing the Future

Judy Julin


and the list goes on!




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