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September 8, 2010


It's been awhile since I've sat down to update the blog. I've done it a thousand times in my head, wanting to express the changes that have been going on in my crazy creative mind. It has been a time of completions, with the reveal of my newest poetry book, VISIONS, and times of change, with The Melodies taking exciting turns ( to be revealed later) and times of identity crisis, which is what I'm blogging about today.

When I first started Dharma Place, it was the beginning of creating the Dharma Place dream, the dream of creating a place where children and their families, mothers, aunts, grandparents and the like could come and find out who they are and learn to fulfill that purpose in their lives. My belief that if we are all doing just what we are meant to do, fulfilling our own unique purposes in life, the world would be a more peaceful, happy place. I summed it up in the Dharma Place slogan: "For when you are in a better space, the world is a better place." And indeed, Dharma Place did help me fulfill my purpose at that time. It was a place for me to spread my spiritual wings, a place for me to find my Dharma, to find myself, to share who I was with the world through writings and meditations, Reiki and Zen. It gave me a place to have a voice and to find what I needed to be in life. It allowed me to fill those needs in that time.

But, times change, and so do people.

I've spent the last few years growing so fast I can barely keep up with myself! It's been a whirlwind of reinventing who I am and what my purpose is in life. And through it all, I have come out of my shell and opened up spiritually to the world and all the wonders present. But, as I've discovered my spiritual gifts, I've become more and more protective of my identity and that spiritual self, and my spiritual life. And my dharma has become more about taking care of myself and more about letting others go and find their own true Selves.

It is now time for me to separate my work into their rightful places. I will spend the next year ahead working on creating new spaces for all my projects. The Melodies is undergoing a renovation and that site www.melodies4kids.com will reflect that. DharmaPlace will become a simplier site for my Guided Meditations, Zen Quotes and Dharma Designs (which I am really excited about!). This site will continue to have Guided Meditations available free of charge, but I am also working on getting out a few CDs with new Guided Meditations!

I will be going undercover with a new pen name for my spiritual writings that will have their own place and time. (to find out that name, sign up for my newsletter and you will be notified that way.) I am also starting a new business supporting Lake Michigan, in addition to continuing the promotion of our Open Water Online site www.openwateronline.org (The big joke around here now is "How many websites you got now?".. from In Living Color. .. am I aging myself now? ;)

With all the newness and work at hand, the blog phase of my life is ending. Facebook has taken over the little inspirational updates and comments. (Find me on Facebook! I'd love to be your friend.) I post new poems on my Jeannine Proulx's Poetry Pages facebook page. The ease of that, verses updating the website is just too much to ignore. There is great power in innovation!

I will continue to write little essays, as I like to do, but perhaps they will find another home in another time. The only thing constant is change is my motto these days! And letting go and going with the flow is my daily practice to keep up with it all.

And so, on that note, I am off to get to work on all the wonders that await me and I step into the creative season of fall and winter.

May you find the changes in your life and be able to go with your own flow, find your true identity and work that not only treats you right, but fulfills you in ways you only dream.

Much love and light to you!! See you in a few months when the new site is complete!

Namaste' all ~Jeannine

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