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Guided Meditations

New! Choose Your Meditation! ~ listed below.

Have a Personal Guided Meditation written just for you and what you want to focus on!

Click here to find out more!

Start each meditation with a Clearing!

 Click here to see The Clearing Meditation, great to clear out the stress of the day before doing a Guided Meditation, or even to start each day!

In the busy world of today, meditation seems like a far off dream to most adults. Imagine getting the active children of today to sit still long enough to breathe deep and meditate! But there is an answer!

These Guided Meditations offer a simple story line to entertain the mind while the body and spirit get to relax and connect with one another in a simply extraordinary experience.

Stress is a major cause of most preventable illnesses.

Meditation slows down your heart rate, increases oxygen to the brain and allows for continued relaxation long after the meditation is complete.


Guided Meditations are a great way to start on the meditation path.

The images can be as simple as visualizing walking in a meadow or as complicated as time and space travel into the cosmos!

Wherever you want to go, Jeannine is willing to take you.


Start simple with a basic meditation and move your way up.

Each one will show you a new side of yourself and a new side to life, all while allowing your body and mind to unwind from the days before and after.

Each meditation is rated as to the degree of difficulty in travel and expertise.

 Know that even if you just get a warm feeling of relaxation, the meditation is doing its job!


The Guided Meditations that are posted below can be used by adults and children alike.

Please enjoy, proceed with reverence and know that the best thing you can do for the world is to

 focus on balancing yourself!


To Begin the Meditation find yourself a safe, quiet place. Put on some soft music if you like. Click on the link to listen and enjoy!

Focus on breathing deep in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax and let go. All is well. The thoughts themselves hold the power. Know they will touch you no matter what way you choose to use.

You can use each meditation over and over again and the experience can be different every time!

Chose one, listen to all!

Use methods, ideas and meditations as many times as you wish.

Meditations will change periodically.

Water Washing

Level ~ Cleansing. Beginner. All ages.

As we travel through life we collect the energy dust from the places, people and things around us. It is just like the physical dirt that we pick up during the day. This spiritual dirt can bring us down and make us feel heavy and even sad sometimes. The dirt can block us from the messages we need to receive during the day. It can drain us and leave us feeling lifeless and just kind of yucky! The best way to get rid of this dirt and the feelings that come with it is to wash it away.

© Jeannine Proulx 2007

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here

Beyond the Veil

Level ~ Insight, Travel. Advanced. Older ages.

It is beyond the ordinary that we go today, beyond that which all people think to be normal, beyond the boundaries of the five sensory world. This is the beyond. This is the place that can be seen by those who choose to see. This is the place that can be felt by those who choose to feel. This is the place beyond the veil of insecurity about your own power and your own abilities. Come with us Beyond the Veil.

© Jeannine Proulx 2007

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.

The Calm

Level ~ Protection, Safety, Grounding. Beginner to Advanced. All ages.

It is in this moment and time that we shall walk through the fire and into the calm. Finding your center within while the world around you rages shall allow you to become a beacon of light for others as well.

© Jeannine Proulx 2006

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.

Natural Wisdom

Level ~ Connection to Nature. Beginner to Advanced. All ages.

There is innate wisdom available in the simplest forms of nature. The wind, the water, the land, the trees all speak to us. It is up to us to listen. This meditation will teach you how.

© Jeannine Proulx 2007

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.

The Center

Level ~ Finding peace within. Beginner to Advanced. All ages.

Calm lies at the center of the eye of a hurricane, so it is with life. The center is the place of balance, of safety and love. As long as we remain in the center we can find peace no matter what storms rage. Come and find the center within.

© Jeannine Proulx 2006

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.

Dream in the Meadow of Light

Level ~ Dream Vision. Beginner to Advanced. All ages.

It isn't always that our dreams are clear and evident to us in our daily lives. Sometimes we just don't know what we want or need! This meditation shall give you tools to find the dream that is right for you in this moment. This is not a wish. A wish is a want. A dream is a life journey waiting to come true. All you need to do is take the steps to make it happen.

© Jeannine Proulx 2006

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.

The Healing Light

Level ~ Healing. Beginner to Advanced. All ages.

There are times when we get so rushed into the days ahead, so much to do and so little time that a panicky feeling erupts, causing stress, tears and delays. This meditation will help bring all that down, to the remembrance that time is forgiving, that space is eternal and that the best place to be is in the here and now.

© Jeannine Proulx 2008

To listen to Jeannine facilitate this Meditation in MP3 form, click here.



Check out what people are saying about Dharma Place's Guided Meditations!

Hi Jeannine ~  I just finished your new meditation. I enjoyed it thoroughly!  It was interested because before you told me there was a shelter and a guide I had already seen it.  Kind of cool though, my guide and my shelter were one in the same.  It was a huge ancient tree with a shelter within it and the tree was my guide and I called her Mother... I find this all so interesting because I have recently decided after 42 years that I want to find my biological mother.  I have felt the hole for the past year or so and now need it to be filled.  It seems I feel that in finding her I will heal her and myself and I will be able to move forward.

I look forward to going back there again. Thanks again! ~ Lesa

Dear Jeannine, I loved how the meditation moved along at a pace that once the vision started I just went with it without question.

I had a wonderful moment by a smoothly flowing brook where the message that came to me was “things are flowing freely now”. The message was perfect!

Hope all is well with you, thanks for the great meditations and please keep them coming.  Love, T

Hi Jeannine ~ Thank you for offering your unique gifts with us and for sharing your incredible light. After completing your meditation at Dharma Place, I feel much more balanced and relaxed.          Harmony to you~ Sue McFarland





Jeannine's Guided Meditations for children and their families are archived on

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