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Zen Quotes

Zen Quotes are short poettes written by Jeannine Proulx. Zen quotes voice ideas that can only be understood within. Being thoughtful in the miracles of now is what poetry brings to Jeannine's life. May it also bring Zen moments to yours.

New Zen Quotes are posted often on the Home Page.

Here are some that have been posted recently.


" Moon – so almost full

            it lights the sky,

        twinkles on the water

           as the fountain sprays calm,

        I breathe in its rays

            and breathe out the day. "


"And at the end of the day

all I can say is

I don't know

what will happen 



The Balance Beam

What imbalance creates is fear.

What balance creates is peace.




             " There are many issues

           lying buried beneath the sand,

               yet digging for them is useless.

           I think I will pull up a chair

             and wait for the wind and waves

          to do their work

           and reveal the secrets of myself

                 to me. "


    "I try to see

                me from you

                           this from that

                 dissolve the illusion.

              But, I cannot see.

              Perhaps it needs to be eye

                        instead of me?"


   "May I wish upon a star

              and travel oh so far,

          to where you lie sleeping

        and may we dance together


        our souls, our hearts, our minds

                         soaring sweetly."



          " I wonder if people

                dreaming together

            cookie cutter house neighbors

                on the small sleep cycle

            do they leave their houses

                in dreams and go

             visit one another?"




"Zen is art made equal

in nature’s eyes

life brought by rhythm

not surprise.

And hot apple pie

topped with cold ice cream."



      " Life’s lessons learned

  on everyday scales

                 last forever."




Storyteller Secrets

                     And in that moment,

      I went there with you

                       and part of you

                          became me.



         A millimeter difference

             the eye can tell

                     symmetry is


         So is falling snow

             and Audrey Hepburn’s




  "I once sat upon a

                     moonlight star and

             watched my body from afar,

                      it looked peaceful.

                               Why wasn’t I?"




"I chose happiness. I chose peace.

      I chose love. I chose laughter.

      I chose life eternal. I chose.

      What power lies in

                the choices we make."



  " And therein

                 lies a mystery

       wrapped in a puzzle

               shrouded in a code

       hidden within a crocked smile

             that reveals the depth

                     to which

          we all have

                    deceived ourselves

              into imbalanced

                       perpetual war."



     " I could be obsessed with puzzles

                 the mad artist alone in my world.

        Unable to put the pieces of my life


                          in perfection."




     " Lost beyond the imprint of


           lies consciousness of that

              which is hidden now

                               from view. "





"I am becoming who I am."




"Dream a dream.

Let it live.

In your

everyday moments.

In your mind’s eye.

Know it to be.

And it will."


                            " Life

     the ultimate stage.

We let people see what

we want them

to see.

It’s only us and maybe

a god who

sees the rest. "


" Last night vultures growled at me

then flew off into the sky

becoming crows

who fought and stabbed

one another with the tip of their wings,

releasing miniature bats

into the sky.

As the lioness attacked

from her open door bamboo cage,

I fled and woke up

to a day filled with less, yet

more dangerous

creatures. "



" Find the power

 within yourself

     to let go."





"It’s scary to realize

how critical the first years of life

really turn out to be.


The one who gave us life,

the ones who raise us,

therefore responsible for various

abilities, tasks, life situations.


We cannot run from our parents.

We are our parents.


Accepting that fact is the only

way to break free

and truly become yourself."



" Your children will teach

you more about yourself

than you ever wanted

to know."




© copyright 2007-2010 by Jeannine Proulx. All rights reserved.